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CyVault™ is a leader in Managed Cyber Defense, focusing on Healthcare and Critical Infrastructure globally. Our revolutionary service, "DOME", ensures near real-time protection and offers Cyber Defense Situational Awareness via our SaaS Portal. Trusted by major North American hospitals, helping advance their cyber defensive maturity.

Our participation in the Quebec SmartCare Consortium is strategic and aimed at advancing our mission at CyVault™. We are dedicated to actively contributing to the healthcare community in Quebec, fostering collaborations with various providers. The primary spotlight will be on showcasing the exceptional features of our "DOME" cyber defense platform, emphasizing its unique value in fortifying the healthcare sector against cyber threats and threat actors.


Furthermore, our strong support for the “Opal” application emphasizes our commitment to safeguarding patient confidentiality and building trust within the healthcare ecosystem. This participation serves as a prime opportunity to communicate our dedication to driving global adoption of cybersecurity practices in healthcare, thwarting malicious actors. We aim to position CyVault™ as a leader in the industry. Together, let's collaborate for a more cyber secure future for healthcare worldwide.

Steering committee member(s):

Youssef Jad

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