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CyVault™ - Profile Photo - Youssef Jad (

Youssef Jad

CTO & Co-Founder of CyVault™

Mr. Youssef Jad, CTO & Co-Founder of CyVault™, is leading innovative Cyber Defense offerings and initiatives. Developed turnkey cyber defense solutions for the USA (DHS/FBI) to secure the healthcare sector against known and unknown threat, namely the first Ransomware that propagates “WannaCry v2". He was the SME in terms of Cyber Defense for the Quebec Ministry of Health. Led multiple HITRUST initiatives, such as the Cyber Threat Catalogue, assisting in enhancing the CSF Framework, the launch of the Community Extension Program, and led the creation of the USA’s Healthcare CTX platform for Threat Exchange. Advisor to Fortune 10 compagnies (e.g., UnitedHealth Group). Innovating with technologies such as 5G, and Quantum Computing. Trained cyber military units around the world. And world-renown in the cyber community for defending Healthcare and Critical Infrastructures.

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