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VitalTracer is focused on providing innovative personal healthcare products combining biomedical technology and software systems. We aim to create a platform for those who need to improve or manage their own health with a convenient and non-invasive solution. We use biomedical sensors through the wrist to continuously detect vital signs, such as blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation, body temperature, and store them in a secure cloud base environment, that allows the patient to share them with their doctor or caregiver.

VitalTracer expects the following benefits from participating in the QSCC:


1. The Quebec SmartCare Consortium represents an ideal opportunity for VitalTracer to test drive and validate its devices in real-world clinical settings while contributing to an important clinical project that will facilitate remote care for vulnerable patients.


2. Integration with the Opal patient portal software will enable the secure transmission of VitalTracer data from each participating patient to their clinicians in Quebec hospitals, providing a very valuable clinical demonstration of the power of remote monitoring using VitalTracer’s unique all-in-one technology.


3. Through our participation in the consortium, we will gain real-world experience and feedback from patients and clinicians.

4. Our participation in QSCC will help VitalTracer better understand its market, improve its product offering, and enhance its maturity as a Quebec SME.

Steering committee member(s):


Azadeh Dastmalchi

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