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Kam Kafi

Vice President, Oncology & Clinical Strategy

Kam is an impact-driven physician focused on bridging the gap between healthcare and computer sciences.


With a background in cancer immunology, health information systems and artificial intelligence, he blends his medical degree and start-up background to materialize opportunities that can translate into AI-driven solutions at the intersection of patients and HCO’s.


At Imagia-Canexia, he oversees research projects with academic and industry partners. He focuses on growth strategy and product development, combining AI and digital therapeutics.


A former cancer immunology researcher, Kam’s work focused on immuno-modulation and development of targeted immunotherapies, where he spent five years at UCLA in the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer center with multiple publications .


After co-founding several technology start-ups in media and healthcare, Kam sits as senior advisor at OutcomeMD, a company that delivers measurement-based care and outcome-driven decision support empowering a shift from patient catering to patient care.


Kam holds degrees in Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology from UCLA, and a Medical Degree and training from McGill University.

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