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Imagia, an artificial intelligence and healthcare company, develops digital medical innovations that aim to improve the health of cancer patients and those with other heavy-burden diseases. Through its collaborative ecosystem, Imagia EVIDENSTM enables hospitals, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and diagnostic companies around the world to access and utilize healthcare data while preserving data privacy. Headquartered in Montreal, Imagia’s mission is to unlock the potential of data across all organizations to achieve collaborative, medical breakthroughs.


Empowering patients with their personal health information & enabling researchers access to well-structured patient-generated data (PGD) is core to Imagia’s mission of advancing personalized healthcare with artificial intelligence through its EVIDENS platform and the DHDP.


Interoperation with SmartCare will enhance the capabilities of the ecosystem by increasing the breadth and depth of available data for research and will provide several key additional capabilities relating to patient control and consent of their data.

Steering committee member(s):

Kam Kafi

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