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Anticipated Outcomes

Demonstrating value


By joining forces, the partners of the Quebec SmartCare Consortium will: 

  • Validate and showcase their diverse and complementary technologies 

  • Provide remote care to high-risk cancer and biotherapy patients

  • Gain new insights from patient­-generated data using artificial intelligence


By demonstrating the value of SmartCare we aim to help transform the Quebec healthcare system and increase the competitiveness of our partners' complementary technologies.

Patient-Centered Data

Breaking down digital siloes


The Quebec SmartCare Consortium is committed to the concept of patient-centered data. 


The partners recognize that the patient her/himself is the single unifying element of their own care. While clinicians work in siloed disciplines, patients always are, and always will be, at the centre of their own healthcare experience. 


To truly break down digital silos in the healthcare system, we believe that all healthcare data should be at this central point, with the patient.

Structuring Effect

Working together to demonstrate SmartCare

The Quebec SmartCare Consortium partners are providing their lived experiences, expertise, and complementary technologies to generate and consume healthcare data using mHealth and AI. 


To do so successfully, the partners will operate within a solid governance framework with a continuous evaluation process in place to generate new knowledge, and build commercial and socio-economic value. 


All partners play an important and active role in the overall structure.

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