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Demonstrating the value of SmartCare in Quebec

SmartCare is the use of patient-centred data and mHealth for remote monitoring and artificial intelligence research in healthcare.


Laurie's Vision is Our Vision

The Quebec SmartCare Consortium believes in a future where all healthcare interactions in Quebec will be digitally-enabled and all healthcare data will be accessible to patients.


Our vision is inspired by the vision of Laurie Hendren, co-founder of the Opal patient portal.


Laurie was a patient warrior, a computer scientist, and an inspiring woman who believed that all patients should have access to their healthcare data.


Laurie Hendren



To meet the healthcare data needs of our stakeholders

The Quebec SmartCare Consortium is bringing together key Quebec stakeholders in patient-centered data, mHealth technologies, and AI research in order to demonstrate the benefits of SmartCare.

Patients and family members will: 

  • Access their healthcare data

  • Experience reduced anxiety

  • Receive care at home 

  • Actively participate in research

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Industry partners will: 

  • Learn from real-world insights into the effectiveness of their products and services

  • Develop powerful artificial intelligence algorithms to aid clinical care

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Clinicians will: ​

  • Work more efficiently

  • Be able to monitor their patients remotely

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Researchers will: 

  • ​Access and study enriched patient-sourced data

  • Conduct powerful AI research

Powered by the Opal patient portal

A unique data-sharing technology


The Quebec SmartCare Consortium is being led by the Opal Health Informatics Group at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre. 


Working together, the partners will use the technology behind the Opal patient portal as a powerful and innovative patient-centered data-sharing hub.

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